4 Custom Sign Ideas for Churches

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| 15 May 2017
Church Signage

A church’s custom exterior sign is not just an identifying marker—it serves as its critical community outreach campaign. With today’s declining congregations, it’s more important than ever to let people know what spiritual and life-enhancing services a church offers, and how it is working to improve their lives and the lives of their community.

The purpose of church custom sign is to bring people in. And in fact, a National Evangelistic Association study determined that 10 per cent of those who join an American congregation each year do so after seeing the church sign and deciding to enter.

A church can make its presence well known within a community with an effective custom exterior sign. And there are several types of signage that are compelling—and appropriate—for a church.

Monument Signs

This freestanding sign, set low to the ground, can look substantial and impressive. Generally made out of masonry, or solid material made to look like masonry, a monument sign conveys a sense of tradition and stability.

Able to withstand the effects of weather and the passage of time, a monument sign is not prone to fading and will last many years.

Illuminated Signs

A custom illuminated sign says your church is there for the community—day and night! Also known as a light-box sign, this sign offers optimal visibility and is especially effective in rural communities.

An illuminated sign can be freestanding or be mounted on a wall, depending on your church’s needs.

Changeable Letter Signs

This affordable signage option communicates effectively with passersby, letting them know what events and special services are scheduled at your church. It can also be updated quickly when church plans or schedules change.

A full set of letters, numbers and punctuation are included to easily mount a new message when it’s required. And to keep the message intact, locking vandal covers come with the sign.

Electronic and LED Signs

LED signs are great for incorporating multimedia and for communicating your messages and announcements in an eye-catching way, 24 hours a day. These signs’ multimedia capabilities will not only keep church members up to date on the latest church events, but will also grab the attention of potential guests.

For a compelling signage combination, these high-tech signs can also be housed in a monument-style cabinet, providing your custom exterior sign with a sense of both tradition and modernity. Just the right combination to attract the younger generation!

Custom signs are especially important for churches because of their unique needs. Signage in front of a church needs to have a dignified presence, but it also needs to legibly and effectively convey information about its special services and events to passersby in order to raise their interest and awareness. The right custom exterior signage will do just that, and may prove to be instrumental in growing your church’s congregation.

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