3 Ways To Increase Your Store’s Foot Traffic

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| 03 Oct 2016
Increasing Foot Traffic To Your Store

For a customer to walk into your store, they first had to have the thought of walking into your store—and a thought often begins with a bit of attention. Drawing attention to your store can either lead to immediate action or become plans to visit in the short term.

Create incentives to visit your store

There are a number of ways to reward people for even walking into your store. The most commonly used methods are:

  • Introducing a sale or discount on one or more items
  • Hosting an in-store event
  • Selling a product that can’t easily be found in other stores in your area

When your customers receive flyers advertising this information and it appeals to them, they can take the time to do some comparison shopping and consider their purchase. To encourage impulse buying, different strategies need to be used.

Make your window display appealing

There’s a reason why designing window displays is a profession. If you’ve ever walked by high-end retail stores, their displays are carefully constructed and their brand and retail space are closely coordinated. A few tips on making a display that’s inviting:

  • Clean all surfaces meticulously
  • Use hanging lights to enhance the appearance
  • Only use products in top condition

Signage is key

Large and successful businesses use signs to advertise their company, brand and products because it works. The average social media user reads 54,000 words a day, which shows that people want to read, even if it’s in the form of short articles or even signs as they pass by. Different types of signs used by businesses include:

  • Pylon signs are mounted on poles and are generally stationed away from the retail location in order to direct people along highways and large roads.
  • Monument signs are meant to either advertise just the name, address and phone number of the business or organization; they’re often found just outside the building to make it easier for people who are unfamiliar with the address.
  • Blade signs tend to have backlighting or an adjacent source of light and work for pedestrians who are looking above eye level. Blade signs usually only display branding information of the company, like a business logo.

Increasing foot traffic to your store means improving sales, so consider investing in this sound way to make your business better.

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