Monument and Pylon Signs: Advertising That Captures Attention

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| 14 Nov 2018
Monument and Pylon Signs: Advertising That Captures Attention

The Impact of A Quality Monument or Pylon Sign

The way that your potential client forms their perception of your company starts well before they walk into your building. These are made either as they approach the entrance — when they look at your sign to make sure they’ve found the right place — or while searching online, in which case a photo of your building and its signage is their first impression. Quality signage signals to the potential customer that you offer quality services.
The best way to ensure the highest level of precision and quality is to use a company that works closely with designers, architects, and engineers. Here are some tips to help you create quality outdoor signage.


Remember that your sign needs to be clearly visible from all angles to be effective. Consider the ratio of how far the sign should be from the road and sidewalk to how far it should be from the front door of your business. Perhaps one main sign is needed near the front door, and another is needed by a side entrance.

Picking the Right Dimensions

The sign must be at the perfect elevation, neither too tall nor too diminutive, so as to be visible for both pedestrians and drivers alike. The height and the design presence should represent the business in some fashion. Within reason, the larger the signage and its lettering, the more easily it can be read.
Often a typeface that is sans-serif, meaning it lacks extra strokes at the ends of the letters, is more distinct, modern, and readable. Script typefaces that mimic handwriting are not effective for signage, as whimsical as they may be. For a list of services, a menu, or other sheet-printed item, script typefaces may be appropriate. But large signs that feature script typefaces often appear illegible or take too long to decipher, time that passers-by will not be willing to waste.


When it’s out of your hands and other businesses are to be included on the same sign as yours, typically in a list format, there are many options for how you can stand out. The answer may be to choose a colour for the lettering that contrasts with the business names above and below yours. You could outline the lettering in a striking way, or use a background colour/shade that pops against the lettering colour and that of the other business names.


If your business operates during the night time, or if traffic passes your business during the night and that is a viable way to make your presence known to new clients, think of adding built-in illumination to your signage. During wintertime, during a storm, or when the weather is hazy or foggy, visibility can be low and illumination can solve that issue. Illumination can be featured from above or below. Spotlights within the landscaping are also an option but are less highly visible than built-in lighting.


The shape of your sign design affects brand perception and has an emotional impact. Squares and rectangles are associated with strength and solidity, whereas circles are trigger feelings of nurturing and softness. Triangles are said to convey power and action, and in some cultures signal a doorway. Shapes also go in and out of fashion. Popular contemporary shapes include trapezoids and the rhombus. Classic shapes are often called for depending on the unique traits of the business.


In choosing a colour scheme for your signage, consider the other style elements on the sign. If the sign features curving lines and organic shapes, a natural, earthy hue such as blue or green may be called for. Refrain from selecting a background colour that may make it difficult to focus on the main message. By contrasting colours rather than using complementary colours, it will be easier for people to read the sign and quickly take in your brand identity.

Fewer Words, Fewer Problems

The old adage of keeping it simple definitely applies in the world of monument and pylon signage. The average attention span in this fast-paced modern world continues to lower. Also, the number of competitors is always increasing, so it is crucial that your signage is concise and precise. Without taking out important information, reduce the wording of your sign to the least it can be. Finding the right balance can be tough yet rewarding.
Depending on the type of business, simply naming the niche services of the business rather than the name of the business itself can be advantageous. For a massage clinic, bicycle repair shop, or ice cream parlour, using those titles on the sign can be a good replacement for the business name being on the sign. The name of your business may or may not immediately convey what you sell, in which case you could lose the potential business of passers-by. However, if your company enjoys exceptional brand recognition, it would be beneficial to just display the name.

Bringing it All Together

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to effective signage, each business requires a unique approach and a design customized to suit its needs and clientele. By consulting with our staff at New Style Signs, you’ll find the right combination of signage design options for you. Getting the design right for your business is what we’re passionate about.
For more information, please call New Style Signs at 1-866-591-6938 or contact us here.

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