Ideas to Make your Sign Match your Branding

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| 08 Feb 2018
How To Achieve Compatibility Between Your Brand And Business Sign

Your business sign has to stand out.

Your brand is a combination of elements that are unique to your business and represents one of the most important assets you have. So your business signage must be designed to match your brand properly for it to be effective.

An attractive outdoor business sign with consistent branding has the potential to cut through the clutter and convey your message to your customer base. Here are a few ideas to help you achieve compatibility between your brand and your business sign:

  1. Make your logo visible
    You probably invested a lot of resources coming up with the perfect logo for your brand. It’s the image you want your customers to associate with you and your business, so it should be prominently displayed in all your marketing and promotional material.
    Repeating your logo through all your signage materials is a good way to ensure that your customers are able to identify your brand and recall it with ease when passing by your business location.
  2. Balance functionality and aesthetics
    While your logo may be a creative masterpiece, its purpose is to identify your business but not necessarily draw attention to it. For that, you need to factor in other elements in the design of your custom made sign, such as colour, layout, graphics, text, placement, and so on.
  3. Be consistent with the elements
    Your business signage, advertisements, and promotional materials must all be uniform and consistent in marketing your brand. Your custom-made business sign must reflect your brand’s colour scheme, fonts, and graphics to increase brand recognition.
  4. Choose the right type of sign for your business
    A business sign for a restaurant should obviously be different from that of an accounting firm or dental practice. Your signage should reflect your industry, as well as your company culture. For instance, adding a dynamic electronic message centre can be a great way to draw attention to an entertainment or technology-related business. A simple but classy sign, on the other hand, can reflect the professionalism you’d expect from a law firm.

Final note

Keep in mind that your business signage is meant to complement your brand name and increase the value to your clients and leads. Custom-made signs that match your brand are the key to improving recognition and creating a sense of familiarity among your customer base. This will in turn lead to customer loyalty and a strong following both online and offline.

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