How to Attract Customers with Outstanding Signs

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| 05 Aug 2019
How to Attract Customers with Outstanding Signs

When you know that you have a great product, top-notch service, and a competitive location, all that is left is to set up an enticing sign that will get your customers through the door. You don’t want to give them all the information while on the street, but doing the opposite and putting very little information can also be detrimental. You need to consider the best attributes of your sign and focus on them.
When looking to attract customers to your business, you can use several means to grab their attention, including banners, bandit signs, and colourful window decals, among others. But first, you need to know your customers well, so you can tailor each approach according to their habits. For instance, if you have frequent promotions or price changes, then digital signage works best, as it’s easy and free to change the message quickly. On the other hand, a static storefront sign might be ideal if your product or service is the same, perhaps with occasional discounts.
Beyond that, any signage you create must be eye-catching, informative, and easy to read. Here are some ideas to create outstanding signage:

Sign Size Matters

The size of your sign partly depends on where it will be located. Overly large signs tend to disappear into the background, while very small ones are barely noticeable to customers. Both extremes result in poor sign visibility. Keep in mind that customers will decide whether or not to read your message from a simple glance, so you need to capture their attention and make that glance count.

Text Size Matters

The size of the text should complement the size of the sign. Optimal readability for a sign should be about ten times the size of the text. This implies that three-inch text will be easy to read from thirty inches away. Similarly, six-inch text can be read at a distance of sixty inches. So to decide the ideal size of your text, you should consider how far your sign will be placed from the people and whether they are foot traffic or driving, and adjust your sign accordingly.

Be Creative

There are several options for business signage, thanks to the advent of large format printers. Common options include environmental graphics, wall wraps that are placed on columns, or even cover walls, windows, doors, or counters with beautiful graphics. These options are not only eye-catching but also help to make your business memorable and lead to repeat business. You can also use well-designed building wraps that cover a section of the exterior of your building to showcase your message and boost your sales.

Add Window Graphics

Whether you have large or small windows, you can use window graphics to communicate with your customers about your brand, product, or services. Window graphics provide massive, free real estate to promote your business and entice customers to come inside and explore.
You can also change your window graphics every season or during special promotions as an integrated promotional approach along with your social media campaigns, commercials, newsletters, and other advertising media, so your customers can immediately connect those messages when passing by. Window graphics not only help to advertise and add interest to your exterior and interior facade but also add some privacy without limiting light penetration.

Choose the Right Colour

Your choice of colours should not only help customers identify your brand but also be eye-catching, to attract new customers. The colours should correspond to your brand and industry, and be vibrant and tasteful without clashing. The text must also be easy to read because passers-by simply won’t bother if it’s an effort to read.
It’s best to avoid rainbow print, neon colours, and light lettering on a light background. Instead, use primary colours — red, blue, or yellow — to draw the eye, provided they don’t affect readability. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, the following colouring combinations have been known to yield great results:

  • Black and white
  • Blue and white
  • Green and white
  • Black and yellow

Keep it Simple

Always focus on the primary purpose of your signs, which is to get new and prospective customers into your business. You only have a second or two to persuade the client, so you need to keep the message simple, clear, and to the point. Consider what will make convince people to enter your store. Is it beautiful visuals, a limited time sale, or perhaps amazing value propositions?
Craft a sign that reflects both your industry and customer, and sends a clear message that is easy to understand at a glance. This means:

  • Avoid too much information as it will clutter the sign
  • Use a maximum of three lines of text

You don’t have to list all your products or services, as it could overwhelm your customer. Listing a few, on the other hand, will give them an idea of what you’re offering and possibly entice them to enter your store.

Be Consistent

Everything in your signage, especially the colours, should be consistent with your brand. It can be very confusing to your customers if the colours on your sign don’t match those on your logo. The design of your logo and colour combination is what makes your business memorable to repeat customers, so be consistent.

Plan your Design

Marketing and advertising strategies are most successful when you work from a plan. Your business signage is a critical part of your marketing campaign. Whether you have one or multiple locations, you need to plan how your signage will integrate with your other strategies to enhance the visibility of your brand. All signage can provide product or service information or a point of purchase, so take the time to plan. Be creative, and involve professionals in the process to capitalize on their experience and expertise.
To learn more about creating outstanding signage for your business, call New Style Signs at (905) 363-0101 or contact us here.

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