How to Choose the Best Sign For Your Business’ Lobby

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| 19 Jul 2021
Find the perfect sign for your business lobby

Your lobby says a lot about your organization. From the moment someone enters your lobby, you want to tell people who you are and what you do, while setting a tone that is trustworthy and professional. Although the décor you choose helps set that tone, your signage lets everyone know they have arrived and where to go. The interior business signage that Toronto offices use should help present your organization in the best possible light. Because your lobby sign needs to help tell a story, choosing the right type of sign and design is important. Here are some pro tips to help you choose the best sign for your lobby.

What materials are available?

There are many materials available to create the ideal interior business signage designs, including:

  • Plastic
  • Imitation metal
  • Polished stone
  • Brushed, polished, and satin metals

However, you can speak to our team to discuss anything special you have in mind, and we can come up with the ideal solution to help bring your vision to life. The beauty of lobby signs is they can be as simple as replicating your logo on a larger scale, or be made more intricate by combining many different materials, using layering to create a 3D effect, or even adding light to add drama.

Customized Signage Options

As mentioned above, in hand with the materials, there are many ways you can customize your sign, including:

  • 3D letters: 3D letters can be used to add depth and drama to your company logo. You can choose a combination of materials to create a 3D effect or stick with one material for a tone-on-tone design.
  • Illumination: Additional emphasis can be given by using light features installed behind the sign, in between the layers, or also be used in the floor or ceiling to cast light onto the sign.
  • Panel signs: Panel signs can be completely customized using any form you desire in hand with the fonts and colours you use in your logo. A combination of materials is available to bring your sign to life, including acrylic, foam, and metal.
  • Vinyl or digital print: This option offers endless possibilities that will not only transform your sign, but also your entire lobby. Using elements constructed of flat vinyl pieces, these signs are applied directly to the wall. You can also consider floor decal versions of the sign to create an additional opportunity to show off your logo, or send a message.

There really are no limits to customization possibilities for interior business signage designs, so always discuss your vision with our team to find out how we can make your signage really stand out.

Understand Your Business or Brand

It is easy to get carried away with your sign, or go the polar opposite direction and order a sign that doesn’t go far enough. The key is to understand your business and use your brand to be the driving force for design. For example, if you offer a professional service, your sign should reflect that right from the start. This calls for high-end finishes to send a message that you are an established professional service that can be trusted.

A creative business, such as an advertising agency or startup that develops apps, can be more fun and use modern materials to make a statement. At the same time, a design company wants to add flair to set a tone that speaks to your design style to appeal to your clients’ sense of aesthetics. Medical services need to present a feeling of professionalism and cleanliness, while architects and engineers might want to develop a sign that is more intricate such as a 3D sign.

The Space

Another factor is, of course, the space itself. The size of your lobby is important, as your sign really needs to make sense on the wall and within the overall lobby space. For example, a massive sign in a tiny space might be impactful, but if you go too large, it will look exaggerated and appear out of place. The same can be said for too small a sign in a larger space, or on a wider or taller wall. Having the right scale of sign will allow people to spot it immediately, while suiting the space perfectly.

The Lobby Décor

You also have to consider your lobby’s décor. Hopefully, your interior design scheme makes sense with your business and brand so you can choose the right look for your logo. Despite the lobby décor, you have to remain true to your logo and make sure it is still recognizable. You can absolutely get creative with your logo for your lobby sign. However, you need the perfect balance to avoid going too far by creating something that doesn’t fit in with the look of your entry, but also that doesn’t have a completely new look for your logo. You want your logo to fit in with the brand look of your marketing materials and complement the décor scheme of your interior.

Sign Placement

While in many cases where you place your sign will be easy to decide, you might have a different type of layout in your lobby. For example, today, many lobbies do not necessarily have a reception desk and instead have a “self-serve” approach where people either text the person they are visiting, or there is a house phone where people check-in. In this case, you want your sign to be prominent enough that people know they have arrived positioned in a spot that helps people know what to do.

For reception desks that are in tight spots, you might feel the lack of space in that area interferes with your ideal sign design if, for example, you wanted something that is 3D. In this case, if you have an empty, larger wall, this might work best. There are many factors to consider ensuring you choose a spot that is prominent, yet does not interfere with other needs or functions for the space.

Additional Signs

While your lobby sign includes your logo, you also have to consider other signs you might need in the area, such as:

  • Signs directing people to the washrooms.
  • Directional signage for different spots such as deliveries, reception, sign-in, phones, etc.
  • Helpful signs such as a designated spot to charge devices.
  • Braille signs for the blind.
  • Security signs to indicate areas off-limits to unauthorized visitors.

The signs required would be specific to your organization and space.

Your Budget

Of course, budget always comes into play when designing a lobby sign. You want to make the most of your budget without overspending. However, you also want to keep in mind that this is a permanent installment to last as long as you stay in your office space. Therefore, the ROI will be seen for years to come.

When you are ready to design your interior business signage, please speak to the experts at New Style Signs.

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