Benefits of Window Graphics

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| 10 Jan 2019
Benefits of Window Graphics

Studies show that signage design can increase sales volume by about 32% and the effectiveness of brand awareness by about 48%. Businesses today take advantage of professionally and aesthetically designed custom signage to communicate to customers and lead them effectively and efficiently to the items they’re looking for.
Considering the huge impact of signage in increasing profits, companies are increasingly looking for new ways to integrate eye-catching, creative signage in their marketing strategy to draw attention to their products, influence purchase decisions, and leverage up-sells. One of the more creative ways to captivate the audience and engage them as they approach your premises is by using window graphics.
Here are some reasons to include window graphics in the overall visual environment of your store:

Capitalize on unused real estate

You can use every surface inside and outside your store to market your brand, business, products, and services as you wish. This includes the exterior surface of your walls and windows. You can add window decals featuring promotions, logos, creative designs, attractive images, thoughtful quotes and messages, and other kinds of meaningful content to increase your visibility and business reach.

Aesthetics and privacy

In addition to promoting your brand and business, well designed and attractive window graphics can enhance the appeal of your storefront, provide extra privacy to customers inside the store, and even hide unpleasant views from customers inside your store, if your business overlooks unsightly dumpsters, alleys, or fences. Instead, your customers may appreciate images of your products in action, funny and relevant quotes, and interesting offers. If you’re concerned about losing the natural lighting, simply choose graphics that allow light through while blocking the view from the street.

Highlight key information

Window decals are generally meant to be temporary and removable to convey different kinds of information seasonally. But they can also be used to display information that is useful year round, such as store hours, directions, contact information, and a “Thank You” message for your customers. For instance, you may direct customers to use an alternate entrance, inform them about additional parking or alternative routes, or provide other information to help your patrons without them necessarily having to ask for assistance. Other content on display can be changed as needed, such as seasonal specials, discounts, and other important notices to draw in as many people as possible.

Pique curiosity

Large and attractive window decals that completely cover your windows may intrigue potential customers, and since they can’t view your store’s interior, they might choose to enter your store to see the kind of products or services you’re offering. In order to achieve this effect, your graphics must be creative and eye-catching. Frosted and patterned decals can be used to create a cozy feel for shops and cafes, unlike old-fashioned curtains or blinds. Alternatively, you can use full-colour opaque decals to showcase your products being used in an attractive setting. This might create an air of mystery that entices people to walk into your store to get more information.

Affordable advertising

Compared to other forms of advertising, window decals are a cost-effective solution for promoting your brand at your storefront. Window signage has a low cost per impression, it doesn’t involve extra costs associated with seeking city permits, and is always available for long-term advertising. You can customize your window decals to showcase any information for any duration of time, including product releases and discounts. The longer the content remains unchanged, the lower the cost.

Increase brand awareness

Your storefront is an incredible place to promote your business, brand, and products. Window displays provide a unique opportunity to turn your windows into billboards, showcasing your most valuable content where existing and prospective clients are already looking. Whether people are approaching your store/building or just passing by, eye-catching window graphics will draw their attention and lure them into checking out your business. With the right message, you can incentivize window shoppers to enter the store and interact with the products, increasing the likelihood of sales.

Easy to install and versatile

Unlike other types of outdoor signage, including banners and sidewalk signs, the local authorities don’t require you to obtain a permit or limit the size of your window graphics. The fact that there are no limits or restrictions to using window signage gives you tremendous freedom with the amount of content you can display. Moreover, window graphics are easy to change to give your storefront a fresh look every season. Unlike painted window glass that involves a tedious removal process before you can apply a new coat, old window decals are easy to remove. This is particularly important when you need to change the message with every holiday or event, from Thanksgiving to Christmas to Valentine’s Day to Easter.

Integrated marketing campaign

Businesses can use window graphics to complement their digital marketing efforts. For instance, you can print window decals for frequently used hashtags, handles, website addresses, and the different social media channel URLs where your customers can view your products or services and engage with you online.

Make it easier for customers to find you

Traditionally, customers recognize different stores using the fascia sign placed above the door or windows. Window decals can serve the same purpose, but in a more attractive and visible way, since they’re colourful and placed at eye level. Moreover, attractive graphics are memorable and can become a landmark for your street, giving you even more visibility and free marketing.

Tips to Create Effective Window Signage

All your marketing content, from signage to print materials, must be attractively designed to hold the attention of your audience. This requires proper planning and integration of all the elements in your signage, including colours, images, fonts, and even the tone of the design, so it communicates the values of your brand effectively. Yet, it should be kept simple and to the point.
The designs can be fun, serious, chic, nostalgic, smart, or contemporary, but it should give a clear impression of your business culture. For attractive and effective custom signage, you should work with a professional and highly experienced team that takes the time to understand your company’s vision and considers your preferences and individual ideas of your brand’s image in the design process.
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