7 Unique Memorial Service Ideas to Honour a Loved One

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| 10 Aug 2023
7 unique memorial service ideas to honour a loved one

Nothing can truly prepare you for the loss of a loved one. It’s a devastating, emotional, and overwhelming experience. Finding meaningful ways to memorialize your departed family member or friend can help you process your grief and connect with others in your community.

There are several ways to memorialize someone, such as planting a tree or creating a beautiful plaque. In the following list, we will highlight some unique and touching ideas that will help you commemorate your loved one’s life.

1. Plant a memorial tree

Planting a tree in your loved one’s honour is a beautiful way to commemorate their life. Not only are you creating a lasting tribute to their memory, but you are also establishing a sacred place where family and friends can gather to remember the departed.

A tree-planting ceremony is another opportunity for family and friends to come together to remember, honour, and grieve. Each person can share a memory or say a few words. Try to choose a tree that is connected to the deceased in some way. Perhaps it was their favourite type of tree or one that appeared in many of their stories. Alternatively, you can pick a tree that symbolizes something meaningful.

Watching the tree grow year after year serves as a lasting reminder of the departed’s memory and legacy.

2. Make a memorial website

A website is a fantastic place to collect stories, photos, and videos of your loved one. Friends and family can gather online to share memories and upload images for everyone to see. This is particularly powerful for families and friends that do not live locally. Despite the distance separating you at this difficult time, you can still connect through the website.

You can also share information about your loved one on this website, such as their life story, favourite places, and other touching details. The possibilities are endless.

Additionally, visitors can leave messages of condolence. This helps foster a sense of community, letting you know you are not alone during the grieving process.

3. Curate a memorial playlist

For many of us, music plays a significant role in our lives. It is the soundtrack behind many of our most beloved experiences and memories. Creating a memorial playlist containing your loved one’s favourite songs captures part of their personality and life story. This playlist can be shared with family and friends to remember and connect with the departed.

You can even invite your family and friends to add songs to the playlist. This is a beautiful, collaborative way to create something together.

4. Create a memorial fund

An impactful way to honour the memory of your loved one is to create a memorial fund. You can raise money for a cause they cared about, such as a donation for a charitable organization. It could be for a local charity, church, or a larger establishment like a children’s hospital. If your loved one fought a disease, you might consider raising money for an organization trying to find a cure.

Conversely, you can establish a scholarship in their name. With memorial funds and scholarships, you can make a lasting impact on a cause that was dear to the departed’s heart. Furthermore, these funds enable family, friends, and community members to honour the deceased with a financial and tangible contribution.

5. Commission a memorial art piece

A memorial art piece can be a poignant and lasting reminder of your departed loved one. This work of art is something that you, your family, and your descendants will cherish potentially for many lifetimes!

When you commission an art piece (like a painted portrait) from an artist, you receive a unique artwork that captures the essence and spirit of your loved one. We suggest choosing an artist whose work was admired by the departed or whose style resonates with you.

The artist can incorporate meaningful colours, symbols, or themes that immortalize your loved one’s memory. As a result, a memorial art piece can be a deeply personal representation of their life.

6. Name a memorial landmark

Having a landmark named after your loved one is a special way to memorialize them. First, it creates a tangible and enduring connection between our world and their memory. No matter how many years pass, your loved one’s name remains a permanent part of your community.

It also further adds to the departed’s legacy by reminding future generations of their impact and contributions. This is especially true if the naming goes hand-in-hand with a donation to an important cause. Whether it’s a building, university wing, street, or another significant location, this act of recognition is a lasting tribute to your loved one.

You can also immortalize the departed by naming a bench in one of their favourite locations, dedicating a plaque on a walkway, or anything else that holds significance for your family.

7. Produce a memorial plaque

Lastly, you can honour your departed loved one with a beautiful memorial plaque. Memorial plaques are incredibly versatile and can be used in a wide variety of ways. For example, a plaque can be used as signage for the building or university wing named after the departed.

They can also be placed on a memorial park bench or the gravesite. Alternatively, stand-alone plaques can be given to family members and friends to commemorate your loved one. These are heartwarming and lasting tributes that preserve their memory.

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Losing someone is never easy. By finding meaningful ways to honour their memory, you can create an enduring tribute to their life. A beautiful memorial plaque is one possibility that you can consider.

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