5 Digital Signage Tips For Restaurants

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| 04 Dec 2017
Digital Signage In Your Restaurant

In an effort to distinguish themselves from competitors, restaurant owners are increasingly switching to digital signage for all kinds of displays—outdoors, indoors, and even on the tables. Successful restaurant owners realize that the path to their customers’ wallets and stomachs starts in their minds. Offering great graphics, reduced material costs, up-sell opportunities, increased ROI, and many other benefits, digital signage is quickly becoming a standard advertising fixture in the dining sector.

If well crafted, the promotion material has the ability to not only grab a customer’s attention, but also craft a delightful and memorable experience that extends to the palate, triggering repeat visits. However, deploying the technology without proper planning and the right expertise can lead to a wasted investment. Here are a few tips to help you get digital restaurant signage right.

  • Introduce digital signage gradually to appease all customers. When you introduce new technology to your restaurant, you should not expect all your customers to accept the change without complaining. Some will embrace it and appreciate the progress, while others will be resistant at first. To address this demographic concern, you should slowly introduce your new digital signage to appease all customers.

  • Take your time to find the right vendor or company to handle the digital signage installation process. They should not only have a full understanding of the end-to-end transformation, but also have the capability to integrate the solution quickly during slow hours for minimal customer interruption.

  • Prepare for digital signage deployment by running pilot tests first. Before full deployment, you need to ensure that the hardware is compatible with the software. You should also assess the appearance of the screens from a customer’s point of view, and come up with a deployment strategy that results in minimal interruption of daily operations.

  • Focus on simple installation and ease of content switching. If the manager has trouble using the digital signage, then the solution will just be interfering with your restaurant operations. You should choose a system that is easy to understand and use for both yourself and your employees.

  • It is exciting to upgrade your restaurant with digital signage, but don’t get caught up in the features without paying attention to end-user friendliness, or you risk making the whole process meaningless.

Lastly, keep in mind that the customer’s overall experience is what matters, especially when considering costly technological investments. Choose a system that engages with your guests in a meaningful and convenient way, and allows room for upgrading so it stays relevant for as long as possible.

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