16 Eye-Catching Ways to Use an LED Sign For Your Business

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| 06 Sep 2021
16 Eye-Catching Ways to Use an LED Sign For Your Business

Today, people expect more from the world around them. If you want to attract their attention, a static sign no matter how large just doesn’t cut it in the digital age. It’s almost as if the human eye itself has changed, seeking out exciting visuals that will engage the brain. Add to this the fact that it takes seconds for people to make a decision on whether to keep reading or not, and companies really have their work cut out for them when trying to draw attention to their brand.

That’s why more companies are turning to LED signs to help keep up with the changing demands of their audience. With that in mind, here are 16 eye-catching ways to apply LED signs that Toronto businesses use to attract attention.

1. Attract more foot traffic

If you have a brick and mortar location, the best way to leverage foot traffic is an eye-catching LED sign. You can switch up your message to suit your needs, and create interest with relevant messages to bring people through the doors. Your front window or building is like free prime advertising space that you can take full advantage of using a LED sign.

2. Drive traffic to your website and social media pages

An LED sign can capture attention quickly, but only has a few seconds to do so. Make the most of that time by sending people to the places you want. Create enticing quick messages to get people to follow you on social channels or to visit a landing page on your website where you can fulfill your promise. It just takes a few words to promote your cross-channel efforts.

3. Show off your products and services

Draw people in by showing them what you have to offer. Show off your products or services, and continue to update your digital sign with your best sellers and promotions to entice them to learn more and take advantage of your offers.

4. Demo your products

Have a demo on a loop that people can watch to get a better understanding of how your products work. It can be something more involved like a mini-infomercial, or something simple like a fast-action clip showing how easily your knife chops, your sprinkler waters the lawn, your tablet takes a photo, or your scarves adapt to multiple looks and outfits. For restaurants, never underestimate the value of showing that mouth-watering steak being grilled, or that gorgeous chocolate cake being sliced to draw in more customers.

5. Flash your industry know-how

Show off your industry knowledge with quick messages about the things your customers and audience care about most. It might be the latest update to a popular product, a new colour on a pair of sneakers, or an announcement about a shortage of something they might need. Engage your audience with interesting clips of information to show them that you understand their needs and interests.

6. Tell them about you

Customers today want to interact with brands with stories that resonate with them. You can share interesting information about your brand that tells them more about how you came to be, your philosophy, stories about your team, how you help the community, and more. Create brand awareness in a more personal way to build long-lasting relationships.

7. Share your corporate responsibility

Let people know how you are taking responsibility in the community. Whether it’s eco-friendly efforts, getting involved with local kids’ teams, supporting local shelters, etc., show them you have roots in the community. This can help attract people, as many want to purchase from a company that shares the same values as they do.

8. Share social media

Share your content to create a buzz and encourage people to follow you on social media. Use comments and shared content from your followers to show how much people love your brand. Use hashtags to get people more involved, and don’t forget to stream live events.

9. Create a TV “channel”

If your business has a waiting room, create a TV channel to demo your products, explain your services, share recipes, create fashion shows, show interviews with customers, and more. Make brand-friendly programming designed to engage people in a meaningful way.

10. Save money on promotional signage

An investment in an LED sign for your business frees you up from costly print signs that need to be updated for all your promotions. Instead, you simply change your messaging to mention your latest promotions tying in with your latest campaigns.

11. Share reviews and ratings

Display customer testimonials or reviews to allow your happy customers to do the selling for you. Today, people look for brands they can trust, and reviews are the final piece of information to help them commit to a purchase.

12. Increase average basket value

Draw attention to items you sell that people might not otherwise think about. This can help bring less popular items to the forefront, or encourage impulse buys that increase your average basket value.

13. Generate revenue

Offer ad space on your LED signs to non-competing local businesses, or to your vendors. This can help generate revenue for your business, while also aligning your company with leading brands and community businesses to promote local shopping.

14. Educate customers

Offer instructions, tidbits of information, tips, and more to help educate your customers.

15. Entertain your audience

Consider doing something humorous such as creating memes, or using funny one-liners such as a “laugh of the day” to shorten wait times. You can also come up with fun ideas that have people curiously looking at your store signage every day to see what you’ve come up with.

16. Share reminders

Remind people of important upcoming events, such as “Are you ready for the long weekend?”, “Got all your stocking stuffers?”, or “Don’t forget mom, send her some flowers” in order to reflect the season or upcoming holidays. You can also display something more relevant to what you sell, such as “Change the batteries in your smoke detectors.”

The possibilities are endless and can be changed to suit your advertising needs, events happening in your community, relevance to your industry, and of course your own personal touch of creativity.

If you’d like more information on LED signs that many Toronto businesses use, speak to our team at New Style Signs today.

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