14 Reasons Why Your Church Needs a Custom Sign

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| 05 Apr 2021
Reasons Why Your Church Needs a Custom Sign

Your church has had to adapt to the way the digital era has changed communication. Your newsletter has gone online and you can now reach your community using email, social media and your website.
Along with these digital changes, there is still a need to reach out to the community to show people the church is a major part of their lives. There is still a place for signage to help raise awareness about your church and the events that help bring the community closer together. 
Here are 14 reasons you need a custom sign.

1. More options than ever

Your church has more options than ever to reach your community through signage. You can choose between traditional or digital custom church signs:

  • Changeable letter signs: This is the dependable go-to sign that has been used by churches for decades. It provides a reasonably easy way to keep the community up to date on current events, while also offering destination and information signage telling people who you are, your address and contact information. You can use it to provide timely information, or even share humorous quotes to keep people smiling or biblical messages to inspire. Two-sided changeable letter signs provide double the space so you can get more mileage from your sign usage.
  • Computer changeable messages: This has quickly become the most popular choice for churches due to their convenience, affordability and versatility. The possibilities for messaging are endless and you can take full advantage of programming features to automate your sign. No more struggling with Christmas messages in freezing temperatures! Everything is handled indoors via computer.

You choose the sign best suited to your budget, aesthetic preference and functionality.

2. Improved outreach

Outdoor church signs are the first point of contact between you and your community. You maintain an ongoing presence to improve your outreach to passersby as a constant reminder you are there and available when people need support.

3. Affordable mode of communication

One investment up front gives you a way to communicate with your community for decades to come. You can set a budget and have your custom church sign designed to meet your needs. You then have an affordable mode of communication you can change as often as you wish.

4. Ongoing communication

Outdoor church signs work for you 24/7 keeping the community up to date on everything you offer. From seasonal messaging to events and from classes to food drives, you will attract more participants while also making it easy for people to find you. Your contact information is also always on display should anyone wish to reach out.

5. Attention grabbers

Your church sign is an attention grabber that can help you in many ways. First, it can assist draw in more of the community. Second, it can be used to promote your events to improve fundraising efforts. Last, it also serves as a reminder to the community such as letting parents know it’s time to sign up for Sunday school, summer programs, or enrol for other member requirements or rites.

6. Community welcome wagon

When holding events such as weddings, visitors need to find you easily. Your outdoor church sign acts as your community welcome wagon, announcing the special day and making good first impressions. You also let everyone know where you are while encouraging contact for your own events.

7. Sharing the basics

Your church sign is also very functional as a basic finding/destination sign for the community. It makes it easy to share all your basic information including:

  • Your address
  • Contact information
  • Service times
  • Clergy’s names.
  • Historical information

Both changeable letters and computer changeable messages make it easy to relay these church basics to the community.

8. Computer changeable messaging

More and more churches are using computer changeable messages as an affordable mode of advertising. As mentioned in point #1, you have endless possibilities with your illuminated LED lighting computer changeable signs to send highly visible and inviting messages. You have the convenience of doing everything from a computer, so it is easier to keep your sign completely up to date as it requires little effort.

9. Ultimate call to action

Your outdoor custom church sign is your ultimate call to action, encouraging members to volunteer for upcoming events and asking the community to get involved with charities. You have further reach to help improve your fundraising efforts as you appeal to your members and other local residents. More people will see you need help and might be encouraged to get involved or make a donation.

10. Seasonal reminders

Your church calendar is very important, marking the key holidays and religious events throughout the year. You can remind people of special masses such as Ash Wednesday, the arrival of Lent and Advent, when you’ll be holding holiday services, and more.

11. Potential source of income

Some churches consider selling sign space to local advertisers to help raise money to support their church and community. This is an affordable option for local businesses to reach their community while also helping to support their local church.

12. Announce new services

Often churches become involved in offering community services such as Meals on Wheels for seniors, childcare facilities, day camps, and more. Your customized church sign offers an affordable and effective way to announce new services to the community, so the message gets out quickly.

13. Emergency messaging

You can also use your custom church sign to send out emergency messaging whether it is related to your church, such as having to cancel an event or related to the community such as sharing information about cooling and warming centers during extreme weather, information related to threats such as COVID or where to find relief from local emergencies such as flooding or tornadoes.

14. Wayfinding messaging

If you have a larger church where you might be receiving deliveries or an ongoing assortment of visitors, your sign can be used for wayfinding. You can include directions such as ‘deliveries at the rear’, ‘guests please report to the office on the main floor,’ etc.
If you would like more information about custom church signs, call New Style Signs at (905) 363-0101 or contact us here.

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