10 Creative 3D Or Dimensional Letter Signs For Businesses

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| 03 Apr 2017
10 Creative 3D Or Dimensional Letter Signs For Businesses

A 3D sign says many things about your business. This sculpted, impactful lettering says that your company is well established, but also at the forefront of current trends. It says that you take your business and customers seriously. But as importantly, 3D signage—with its in-your-face, hard-not-to-notice style—makes your business eminently visible to passersby and drivers (AKA your potential future customers). And by doing that, it becomes a critical, continuous marketing campaign in itself.

The Unique Look And Impact of 3D Signs

3D signs have a unique look that makes them stand out from 2D signs. And because they can be made from a wide range of materials (wood, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, acrylic, etc.) and shaped by a variety of fabrication techniques, they can be either simple and elegant or wildly creative and hip—or anything in between. The point is that because they are so flexible they can convey whatever tone or vibe you as the business owner want to project to the marketplace.

3D signs already make a lot of impact with their lettering that casts a shadow, but you can also punch up their visibility by adding illumination. It’s simply a matter of placing an LED bulb in each letter, and voila, your business sign is highly visible night or day—an especially important feature during our winters, when daylight is in short supply!

The Critical Creativity Factor

Of course, the more creative and unique-looking your 3D sign is, the better the chance of catching the eyeballs of those passersby and drivers, and the better the chance of the outside street traffic becoming your in-store traffic.

Here are a few examples of how creative these signs can get:


  1. Acrylic is one of the more popular materials for 3D signs because it comes in various depths and colours and can be heated and moulded into all kinds of imaginative shapes.
  2. Illuminated 3D Sign

  3. Adding illumination to 3D signs makes them dazzle, night and day!
  4. 3D Sign

  5. 3D signs can be moulded into any shape; they can be bored with drills and cut with lasers or saws to fit whatever graphics you want to display.
  6. 3D Lettering

  7. Acrylic, plastic or wood 3D lettering can be painted with any colour.
  8. Brushed Stainless Steel 3D Signs

  9. Brushed stainless steel 3D signs project an image of stability and permanence.
  10. 3D Sign

  11. 3D signs are great for outdoors as well as indoor advertising or directions.
  12. 3D Sign
    3D Sign
  13. 3D signs can make an impact no matter how small or big your business is.
  14. 3D Sign

  15. 3D signs can be customized to very specific graphic requirements.
  16. Large 3D Sign
    Small 3D Sign
  17. They can be as big or as small as the need may be.
  18. 3D Sign
    3D Sign
  19. 3D signs not only promote the name of the business, but can also visually encapsulate its mission.

Creative 2D signs can certainly be effective, but if you want your business to stand out from the rest on the street you need to have your sign stand out—and that means literally stand out! Projected lettering does go that extra mile to reach out to your potential customer and make a lasting impression—day or night.

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