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Corporate signs are a common feature throughout the royal city of Guelph in Ontario. These signs not only help the public navigate the city of 132,000 residents, they also make local businesses visible.

We understand that finding the right signage solution for directing customers, identifying buildings in a compliant manner, and staying competitive in a rapidly changing society is difficult for business owners and corporate facility managers alike.

For the last 50 years, New Style Signs has been addressing these concerns, offering the best corporate signs in Guelph, and the entire province of Ontario. Our specialists work with highly skilled and experienced designers, engineers, and architects to ensure the highest standards, from ideation and design to fabrication and installation of all our sign products.

Our high quality interior and exterior sign products can be found in hundreds of office buildings, institutions, and corporate campuses in Guelph and surrounding cities.

Applications of Corporate Sign Products

Business professionals understand the importance and value of making a good first impression. Your external business signs communicate volumes about your business, impacting your ability to attract new customers. This is especially the case for restaurants, retail, and walk-in types of businesses.

Some managers think that a working sign is good enough, at least until they notice a competitor with a masterfully designed sign product. New Style Signs can help you rebrand or upgrade your outdoor and indoor signs to make them more engaging, and give them a modern touch.

Exterior Solutions

Our range of exterior sign products features high-quality vinyl, metal, and wood components with long-lasting finishes and design options to compliment a wide range of building styles. Fabricated using high-quality materials, New Style Signs’ exterior sign solutions are guaranteed to withstand the elements for long service. At the same time, our signs are easy to update to accommodate future change.

Interior Solutions

We also offer a wide range of interior sign products, all designed and fabricated using the newest technologies. Our interior systems are recognized for their exceptional designs, and have been proven over time in various corporate facilities throughout Ontario.

Our interior sign systems are great for planning and wayfinding. While long-term employees may know their way around your campus or facility, new hires and guests don’t enjoy the same familiarity with the environment. You also need to consider how easy it would be for your staff and visitors to find their way during an emergency.

Getting lost creates frustration and a negative image of your organization. Our specialists work with businesses and their design partners in all industries to identify their wayfinding challenges and create custom sign solutions that suit their specific needs and budgets.

With a unique combination of form and function, our interior sign systems are updateable to accommodate changes. Moreover, they’re designed to offer distinct design features and finishes for a custom look that is compatible with any interior environment.

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The specialists at New Style Signs understand the signage needs of corporate facilities and the vital role signs play for your company’s image and branding. Contact our office today to discover how our experienced team and proven range of sign products can benefit your business.

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