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As the third most populous city in Ontario’s Greater Golden Horseshoe, and the ninth in the country, organizations and other business ventures in Brampton understand the importance of first impressions to attract and retain business.

At New Style Signs, our specialists leverage the skills and knowledge that our company has acquired – over the last 5 decades that we have been in business – to design and create the finest signage products in Brampton. From architectural signs to engraved signs to merchandising signage, we help to highlight your brand or message in custom signs that make your employees, partners, clients, and even prospects proud to be associated with your brand.

Working on small and large projects across Brampton

In an increasingly competitive world, business leaders, decision makers, and marketers understand how critical good signage is to brand awareness and recognition. New Style Signs is the industry leader, offering 50 years of experience in sign fabrication and installation to get your business noticed, regardless of competitor noise in your area.

We have a seasoned team of experts with skills in different areas in the signage creation process, including design, engineering, project management, fabrication, and installation. We have worked on different sizes of projects in different industries, including architecture, construction, landscaping, general contracts, retail, logistics, pharmacy, education, fleet management, and so many more.

Regardless of the size of your project, we will put our best staff – everyone is brilliant – on it, working diligently to meet and exceed your expectations. You can expect:

  • Limitless design options – we take pride in our creative designers, who can bring your vision to life in a distinct sign, whether it is for a new business or re-design of your current signage. If you have creative designers on your team, we will also work with them on your project and value their input as your own. We invest in the newest fabrication technologies because they broaden the horizons for our designers, allowing them to develop cutting-edge concepts, again and again.
  • Personalized attention – we assign a team of professionals to work with you, comprising engineers and project managers, who move with you from the drawings to production to quality checks to installation. There are numerous challenges through each stage, and having a seasoned team to anticipate trouble areas and smoothly evade them is the best way to get your project completed on time.
  • Everything in-house – we match our fabrication capabilities with design to help make your signage project a success. Our manufacturing facility features the most advanced signage equipment, which is operated by trained and certified fabricators. We have different areas to handle the various production processes, including prefabrication, fabrication, wiring, welding, assembly, routing, painting, and printing.
  • Professional installation – we like to finish every project with expert installation of your indoor or outdoor signage. Wherever you want your signage installed in Brampton, our managers will be on-site to handle compliance with code and licensing requirements, safety, and other essentials of the project. When we leave the site, you should be completely satisfied with your investment.

We encourage you to contact our Brampton office when looking for custom signage for your new venture or a re-branding project for your multiple locations.

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