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Custom Church Signs Toronto & Mississauga

Perhaps you want to spread a message of faith, let people know about upcoming events, or just stand out. Most likely, all three! At New Style Signs, we can provide your church with fully customized signs, including signs with changeable letters, or computer changeable messages!

What Are The Options?

There are several different options when it comes to church signs. We will work with you to choose the best one for your church.

  • Changeable letters: These are definitely the traditional choice. Changeable letters can be used to let people know the times of services, or about special church and community events. These signs can be made double-sided, so you can write out a message or biblical quote on the other side of the sign! Of course, how you use your changeable letters is up to you.
  • Computer Changeable Messages: More and more churches are using computer changeable messages. Illuminated with LED lighting, signs can be written and changed digitally, and give the whole sign a more modern look. Computer changeable signs can scroll as well, so you can write longer messages. Additionally, like other illuminated signs, computer changeable signs can make your church more visible, and help you stand out!

The choice you make depends on budget, aesthetic preference, and the level of functionality desired.

What Should Be On My Sign?

We will work with you to ensure all the information you need fits onto your sign. Things to include on your church sign can include:

  • Contact information, including address.
  • Service Times
  • Event notices, such as food drives or community markets.
  • Holiday messages.
  • Quotes, or other inspiring messages.
  • Clergy’s names.
  • Historical information, such as the year the church was founded.

Using either changeable letters, or computer changeable messages, you can find clear, easy ways to relay all these important messages to your community.


Before installing a new sign, there are several things to take into account. Fortunately, we at New Style signs will guide you through the whole decision making process. Though many things can arise, common considerations include:

  • Budget: We offer options to fit a variety of budgets and will work with you to determine what works for your vision and your budget.
  • Permits: Depending on the location of the sign, city regulations and permits may need to be navigated.
  • Installation time: We work with designers, architects, and engineers to ensure that we are doing the best possible work for you. We will be honest and clear with you about how long your sign will take to install.
  • Location: The ideal location for your sign is the place of highest visibility, close to high foot and road traffic if possible.
  • Energy Emission: LED lighting is environmentally friendly! We can help calculate energy costs for you, should you choose an illuminated sign.

At New Style Signs, we want you to be as happy as possible with your new sign! A great sign can have lots of power, as well as making your church stand out. We’ve been serving Southern Ontario for fifty years, and combine the latest technology with traditional techniques.Contact us today to set up a consultation!

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