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Would you be able to send someone to talk to us about our sign requirements?

New Style Signs will send our experienced consultants free of charge to discuss a client’ s needs if so warranted based on initial phone survey.

Will you install the signs you are providing to us?

New Style Signs will install every sign if provides to our clients no matter of the complexity or location of the sign.

Do you install signs outside of the Toronto area?

New Style Signs will install all their signs located anywhere in the province of Ontario and with their partners throughout Canada.

How much does a sign cost?
The cost of a sign is determined by many factors such as, whether the sign is illuminated or non - illuminated, the size of the sign, the materials used in the sign, the difficulty of the installation, the location of the building and the complexity of the sign or logo. Until all these factors are known, it is difficult to provide an accurate price to the client.

Do you provide custom designed traffic signs for special building applications?
New Style Signs supplies and installs all types of custom traffic signs designed for most commercial applications.

What are dimensional or 3d letters?

Dimensional letters are letters that have a thickness to them. For non - illuminated letters it can be as little as ¼” thickness or as thick as 2” – 3”.

What materials are different signs made off?
Non - illuminated signs or letters are usually made of aluminum or acrylic. Illuminated signs are usually made of aluminum with acrylic faces and vinyl graphics.

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New Style Signs supplies and installs signs throughout all of Southern Ontario.

We supply and install signs in Toronto and the following surrounding areas:

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