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NiagaraIf you have recently started a business in Niagara, or you are considering rebranding to attract more locals and tourists to your premises, our highly skilled craftsmen at New Style Signs can help you create the signage that will make your business and brand stand out.

Creative and effective business signs, especially those for hotels, restaurants and other forms of accommodations, make visitors feel welcome and comfortable. New Style Signs can help these businesses, as well as tour companies, tourist attractions, and other tourist-dominated businesses in Niagara to create custom signs that will promote brand visibility and credibility and draw more customers to you.

Reasons to Brand Your Niagara Business with Creative Signage

The city of Niagara is one of the leading tourist destinations in the world, attracting tens of millions of tourists per year. About 60 percent of these visitors are only in the city for a day, while most of the rest stay for between two and three nights. Tens of thousands of visitors arrive and stay in Niagara every day and night in the summer months, creating investment opportunities worth billions of dollars.

Although you can use your signs to brand your business and attract new customers, there is another more important reason for using signs in Niagara: to create impulse sales. As a major tourist destination, many businesses target tourists more than local residents. This means that their advertising and marketing efforts should be enticing enough to grasp the attention of prospects and convert them into paying customers.

Visitors to Niagara have a couple of days to enjoy the abundance of entertainment options in the city. This means that there’s too little time for them to search for you or move around comparing businesses. They are more likely to approach the first place that is inviting and convenient for them, provided it appears to have what they are looking for. They will look for a well designed sign to determine this.

Niagara is a beloved destination for the young and young at heart, and receives a lot of tourists, especially during spring and summer. Different types of businesses can benefit from the different types of signage available from New Styles Signs, and our professional team can help you choose the most appropriate one to reach your audience.

We Offer a Wide Range of Signage Services in Niagara

New Style Signs can help Niagara businesses stand out with different types of custom-made signs, including:

We have been in the business for over five decades, and we are committed to providing our clients with creative and quality signage products, by combining the skills and experience of our specialist designers, architects and engineers with the latest production technologies and techniques.

Our skilled team will take into consideration your industry, the needs of your customers, and your primary business goals when creating your signage. We will then apply our decades of experience to create a truly unique sign that will help you grow your business.

We work with all industries. Contact our Niagara office today for a quote.

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