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Communication in schools has changed drastically with the introduction of digital media culture. To engage students, parents, and the community, digital signage offers an excellent option to the educational sector. School signs offer directional information to help guide visitors and students to the proper entries while also offering a prominent display with an opportunity to reach out to the community in a more meaningful way. With the additional challenges posed by COVID-19, up to the minute communication is critical. Digital signs allow you to instantly communicate with the community, adding a layer to your current channels for reaching out. New Style Signs is trusted by many school boards in Southern Ontario to provide school sign design and installation. School signs offer many options suited to your needs and budget.

What Types of School Signs are Available?

The main type of school sign is custom fabricated ground signs. These signs are available in both signs with changeable letters or LED digital display units. School signs can be designed to identify the school building by its name or address and become a valuable tool for educational institutions across Ontario to communicate with the community. Whether you choose digital signs for programmed announcements or manual messaging, you can make relevant announcements students, parents and the community need to know.

What are the Benefits of Digital School Signs?

Learning institutions use digital school signs to reach a wider community and target the correct student audience. There are many benefits to digital school signs, including:

  • Cut Communication Costs: From the cost of paper and printing to advertising upcoming events, a digital sign becomes the easiest and most affordable way to make key announcements to students, parents, and the community. Announce theatre productions and fund-raising events to draw in more people with one simple message at no cost to the school.

  • Time-saving: Instantly post messages and start reaching the community right away. This helps those who read the sign and encourages people to share the messages they read with others. It is the easiest way to reach those not on your mailing or auto phone messaging list.

  • Modern School Image: A digital sign helps promote a modern, forward-thinking image for your school. You have a virtual greeter, the ability to send multiple messages and use colour and creativity to raise awareness about what your school offers. Students will be drawn to your sign, creating more interest for high schools and post-secondary institutes to enroll more students. Students can also be greeted with supportive messages throughout the school year and into the summer months with messages designed to motivate and support.

  • Excellent Return on Investment: Digital signs continue to provide valuable messaging that offers an excellent return on investment. You can use your sign to send out messages to boost your fund-raising efforts and gain more attention in the community. Announcements let parents know when charity events are held, when report cards will come home, when uniform sales will be available and more. College campuses can even rent out their signs to earn revenue from local businesses wanting to reach their most important demographic.

  • Multiple Messaging: While letter board school signs allow you to send out a single message, a digital school sign allows you to share a wider variety of content all at once. Multiple events and relevant dates can be rotated, so all required messages get out in a timely manner. You can even add things like job openings, a call for volunteers, important emergency messages and more.

  • Increases Student Engagement: Connect with students on their own turf, sending messages about their lives and what’s happening in their community. Post study tips, send messages of encouragement at critical times, and congratulate students for completing milestones at key times in the semester.

  • Announce Accomplishments: You can reward students for their accomplishments and let the community know how well your students are doing. From sports to excellent post-secondary placements and school play performances to showing off a student’s artwork, your digital sign is an homage to your student’s hard work. You can also congratulate the community for various achievements from funds raised by a local marathon to a local resident making it big. And don’t forget faculty members involved in special projects, who have been promoted, or have accomplished personal achievements.

While digital school signs are the ultimate choice, when budgets are tight, a letter board style sign can help you provide basic messaging to students, parents and the community.

Why are School Signs Important During the Pandemic?

During COVID-19, it is important to share your safe practices and strategy with the community. Let everyone know the measures you have in place to ensure social distancing and help reduce the risk of spreading the virus. This makes students, parents, teachers, and the surrounding community feel safer, offering peace of mind. As things change, new notices can be posted to keep everyone up to date.

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Why Choose New Style Signs?

At New Style Signs, we have been the main source of architectural signs and digital signage for institutions and businesses in Toronto and the GTA region for over 50 years. Our talented, highly knowledgeable team takes a collaborative approach among our designers, architects, and engineers to produce the school signs to meet your needs. We use a proven process from conception to digital signage installation, to ensure every detail of your project meets or exceeds your expectations. We understand what is required to represent your educational institution at its best. More importantly, we create custom school signage options suited to the needs of your unique location. We provide the communication tool you need to send out general messages to the community or more urgent messaging involving COVID-19.

To request a quote or learn more about digital school signs, call New Style Signs at 866-594-8354 or contact us here

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