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What are the benefits of using digital signage for your school?

7 Benefits of Using Digital Signage for Your School

The emergence of a digital media culture has increased the need for digital signage in the educational sector in big cities such as Toronto. With many schools in the city, educational institutions can get lost in the shuffle if they don’t have digital school signs.

To be considered a modern learning environment, your institution should adapt to digital school signs to reach a wider community and target the correct student audience.

By using digital signage, it will instantly change the way your school is perceived. In some instances, digital signage can boost your popularity. You’d be surprised at how many photos of digital school signs in Toronto get posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Besides increased popularity, let’s take a look at seven benefits of using digital school signs.

1. Cut costs

The installation of digital school signage immediately cuts costs because you reduce paper and printer use. Think about it: before digital signage, your school had to spend a large portion of the budget to buy paper and for printer fees. With digital signage, you can simply enter the message and forget about printing on paper. Moreover, when your school switches to digital signage, you no longer have to depend on third-party advertising for upcoming events in local newspapers.

2. Digital signage saves time

When you don’t have digital signage, your school primarily relies on email to notify students and parents when emergency announcements such as school cancellations occur. However, if your school has a major announcement, you will want to get the message out there quickly and, perhaps, emails might not get to your students in time. With digital signage, your school can save enormous time when your message is posted immediately.

3. Strong school image

Think of digital signage as the virtual greeter at the front of your school. When you have parents enter your institution and are welcomed with a colourful, high-tech LCD digital sign, it catches their eye, and they are more likely to read the welcome message. When installing digital school signs, you can make a memorable first impression on potential students who are thinking of attending your institution. Additionally, a strong image boosts students’ self-esteem, and it’s a great morale booster for motivating students to learn.

4. Return on investment

By installing digital signage in your school, you cut costs and receive a large return on investment. You would be surprised at how a large LCD sign with flashing colours surrounding your announcement can garner attention. This can lead to new enrollments of students and give local businesses a boost in revenue. For instance, if your institution is a college campus, there are third-party businesses that would pay you for advertising a message on your digital sign to target your student demographic.

5. Variety of content

The best part of digital signage for your school is that you can post a variety of content. The more you update it, the more students and the public are likely to tune into your school’s events. For instance, if you have an open house and want to attract potential students and parents to visit, instead of cold-emailing or cold-calling, post the open house message on the digital sign. The people in the local area will be more likely to see it and come. If you want to hold a job fair at the school, a message on your digital sign will save money on advertising on job websites and attract qualified candidates.

6. Increase engagement

As we all know, keeping students’ attention is a huge challenge. But when you keep your content up-to-date and relevant with the right message, your digital sign will attract their attention. What’s the best way to do this? Make the content about them. For example, when exams are coming up, place a reminder that they only have one week to go. Also, to reduce exam-writing jitters, post different study tips every day before their big exams. Then, once exams are done, post a message congratulating them for their hard work.

7. Highlight students’ accomplishments

When it comes to the benefits of digital school signs, we saved the best for last. Digital signage can reap big rewards for your school when you celebrate your students’ accomplishments with public announcements. For instance, if you have students who are celebrated artists, you can post their artwork for the whole world. Or, if your school won a sporting event, you can post a congratulatory message. By highlighting your students’ accomplishments on digital signage, your content is relevant, and it brings your school and community together.

Now that you know the great benefits of using digital signage for your school, here’s a recap:

  • Cut costs. With digital signage, you can easily enter the message and forget about printing it on paper, which cuts school costs enormously.

  • Digital signage saves time. Your school can save enormous time when your message is posted immediately on digital signs.

  • Strong school image. A strong image boosts students’ self-esteem and acts as a morale booster for motivating them to learn.

  • Return on investment. Third-party businesses in the local area are willing to pay your school for advertising a message on your digital sign to target the student demographic.

  • Variety of content. The more you update your digital sign with a variety of content, the more the public will tune into your school’s events.

  • Increase engagement. Update your school’s content regularly to attract students’ attention.

  • Highlight students’ accomplishments. Celebrating students’ accomplishments shows a sense of pride in your school and brings students, the faculty, and the community together.

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5 Ways You Can Brand Your Office With Interior Office Signs

First impressions are everything when it comes to running a business! When thinking about creating a good image for your office space, why not consider interior office signs?

A well-designed and high-quality sign is a simple and cost-effective way to move your business forward while creating a professional look for visiting clientele. Choosing interior signs means that you can get creative when it comes to shape, material, size, and colour, allowing you to deliver a strong message to everyone who walks through your door. A well-executed sign will let people remember your brand and make it easier for them to refer your services to friends and family.

Is an interior office sign right for you?

An interior office sign could be what your business needs! Below, we have compiled a list of 5 ways to brand your office with interior office signs.

Let’s get started!

1. Branding consistency

First, let’s talk about brand consistency.

Interior office signs — especially when customized — mean that you can easily brand your business with logos and information that is recognizable and consistent with other products and platforms where you promote your services.

Consistency helps with logistics, but if you have multiple locations or have an online store, interior signs boost confidence that customers will recognize your brand and have the same brand experience no matter which location they visit.

Another point to keep in mind is that interior signs are completely customizable. This means that the possibilities are endless in terms of what you want to create, what matches your office decor, and your budget. Whatever you imagine, there is a sign for you.

Not sure what kinds of signs fall under interior office sings? Here’s a brief overview to keep in mind:

Dimensional Logos

This wall mount sign allows you to display your name or logo with a bold sign that captures attention and effectively reinforces your brand.

Panel Signs

These kinds of signs help potential customers find their way around your office with clear maps, room numbers — and who you can find in each room — as well as other spaces of note, so there is no confusion or stress when they arrive.

Backlit Signs

Backlit signs are great for making the name of your business, the center of attention in your office space. They are effective at showing off your style and your brand.

Metal or Cut Acrylic Signs

If you want to take your office signage to the next level, consider metal or cut acrylic signs! These signs give your logo a pop of colour, and they look very artistic — if that’s an aesthetic you’re looking for. If you have a lot of personality to show, this is the best way to display it right on your office wall.

Metal Laminate Signs

These signs add a classic touch to your office. Displaying your name or logo in brushed metal tones screams sophistication.

Custom ADA Wayfinding Signs

The last thing you want is for customers to get lost when finding their way around your office. You do not want them to associate your business with stress or confusion — only good vibes here! Make it simple to navigate your office with custom ADA wayfinding signs.

2. Business visibility

The second thing we need to discuss is business visibility.

The more potential customers see your brand, the more likely they will remember when they need your services or when referring it to friends and family. When customers visit your office, ensuring it is properly branded means that you have another opportunity to increase your brand visibility.

Business visibility also helps customers identify with and trust your brand so they will return over and over again. Don’t just stick to online or outdoor signage; make sure you have signs in all the places where customers can see so you and your brand can continue to grow.

3. Enhancing your customer service capabilities

Next, interior office signs enhance your customer service capabilities and experience.

As mentioned above, wayfinding signs help improve customer experience when they are inside your office. Clear signage can also make them feel valued and cared for when they see how much effort you put into creating clear signage.

After all, customer service starts when customers walk through your door, and you want them to leave feeling that they had a positive and satisfying experience.

4. Transparency and sharing your story

Fourth, interior office signs allow you to be transparent with your customers and help you share your story.

Having clear signage allows you to expand what people know about your brand because they allow you to communicate your style, logo, services, and more. When you invest in interior signs, you are educating people on the services your office, your business story, achievements, and style – you can create something to be proud of!

5. Demonstrating a commitment quality

Lastly, interior office signs allow you to demonstrate a commitment to quality.

When people purchase products or services, they want to work with a company that demonstrates a clear commitment to quality, and the right interior signs can help with this.

Having clear signage throughout your business helps customers associate your brand with safety, inclusiveness, and a commitment to the well-being of others. If customers feel welcome, they will keep coming back.

To ensure that your interior office signs are doing their job, you should work with a professional signage company. The professionals at new style signs will use your knowledge and expertise to suggest solutions that enhance your space and communicate the message you want to your customers.

To learn more about how you can brand your office with interior office signs, call New Style Signs at 905-363-0101 or contact us here.